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Bats Are A Common Summer Problem to Lake Houses in Mid-Missouri, But Steve's Pest Control Can Help

How Dangerous Are Bats at My Lake Ozark, MO Home?

By Steve Pest Control / June 27, 2022 /

Is There a Pesky Bat in the House? Here’s Why You Need a Professional Bat Control Service in the Lake Ozark, MO Area    The Lake of the Ozarks is home to the beautiful nature of Missouri, where millions of people vacation every summer to boat, swim and hike. Lebanon, Osage Beach, Camdenton, and other…

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Brown Rat by the Lake. Steve's Pest Control Will Handle Your Lake Ozark, MO Rodent Problem.

How To: Get Rid of Roof Rats at Your Lake Ozark, MO Home

By Steve Pest Control / June 21, 2022 /

Don’t Share Your Mid-Missouri Lake House With Unwanted Guests: How to Keep Rats Away This Summer   Nearly 5.4 million people visit the Lake of the Ozarks every year in Missouri. It’s a hot-spot for fishing, kayaking, and living it up in a charming lake house by the water. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones attracted…

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Swarm of ants on a wooden dock. Steve's Pest Control can fix your ant problem in Lake Ozark, MO

The Problem With Ants: How Ants In Lake Ozark, MO Can Ruin Your Summer

By Steve Pest Control / May 23, 2022 /

Why Is an Ant Infestation Bad for My Summer Home in Mid-Missouri?  Let’s face it. Ants are annoying. They come into your mid-Missouri home and mess with the food in your pantry. While overstaying their welcome, they build their colonies rapidly. Eggs hatch within 6 days, and the ant queen is constantly laying them until…

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Spider web outside at night. Steve's Pest Control exterminates spiders in the Lake Ozark, MO area.

Got Spiders On Your Lake Ozark Home’s Dock? Here Are 5 Tips To Keep Those Creepy-Crawlers Away

By Steve Pest Control / May 18, 2022 /

Prevent Spider Webs Outside the House & a Spider Infestation With the Help of Steve’s Pest Control   Dealing with spiders at the lake of your mid-Missouri home is probably not what you had in mind for a summer getaway. These spooky critters can build a mess of webs on your beautiful Lake Ozark home’s exterior…

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How to pest-proof your mid-Missouri home's pantry

How To Pest-Proof Your Pantry

By Steve Pest Control / May 5, 2022 /

Educate Yourself on the Pantry Insects & Rodents Attracted to Your Mid-Missouri Home  Finding pests in your kitchen has to be one of the worst feelings ever, especially when you just spent all your hard-earned money on groceries. Steve’s Pest Control has dealt with countless situations in which pantry bugs have rummaged through a mid-Missouri…

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Keep out wasps, spiders, and ants this mid-Missouri spring with Steve's Pest Control

Mid-Missouri Spring is On the Way: How to Protect Your Home From Pests

By Steve Pest Control / April 26, 2022 /

Five Ways to Prevent Springtime Bugs From Infesting Your Mid-Missouri Home  April showers bring May flowers… and pests, unfortunately. That’s right. While you’re bathing in the sunlight and celebrating the end of cold weather, so are all the spring insects in mid-Missouri. Wasps, spiders, and ants are just a few nasty creatures that love visiting…

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Steve's Pest Control brings a 5-Star Program to customers in Mid-Missouri.

Steve’s Pest Control 5-Star Services: The Perfect Home Protection Plan

By Steve Pest Control / February 21, 2022 /

Steve’s Pest Control Brings High-Quality Pest Control Services to the Mid-Mo Area When you have a major pest problem in your mid-Missouri home, there’s no better place to call than Steve’s Pest Control. We offer pest extermination to over 20 locations throughout the state, and we bring the best customer service to every single one…

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Steve's Pest Control keeps rats out of your household.

Winter Pests in Mid-Missouri: A Guide to Spotting Winter Pests from Steve’s Pest Control

By Steve Pest Control / January 19, 2022 /

Don’t Let a Pest Problem Ruin Your Home or Business. Protect Yourself This Winter With Steve’s Pest Control Five Star Program. Winter is coming, and that means pests are coming too. Each cold season, winter insects go looking for a place to stay indoors all across the Mid-Missouri area. On top of bugs coming inside,…

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Bed bugs are small but can be seen crawling on bed sheets.

Top 10 Myths About Bed Bugs in Mid-Missouri

By Steve Pest Control / January 12, 2022 /

Bugs Are Affecting Missourians at an Alarming Rate. Learn the Truth Behind These Frightening Pests & Find an Exterminator New You Bed bugs are the creepy, crawly, bitey pests no one wants to bring home as their vacation souvenir. Unfortunately, it can be tough to prevent bed bugs, and if a few make their way…

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Prevent your pet from bringing in pests with Steve's Pest Control.

Keep Your Pet Safe From Dangerous Pests & Pest Control Chemicals This Winter

By Steve Pest Control / January 12, 2022 /

Your pet is a valued family member. Protect them from harmful pests and the chemicals used to get rid of them with Steve’s Pest Control. How to Safely Store Pest Control Chemicals in Winter When storing pesticides and other chemicals in your home, you probably already know they should be stored in a child-safe cabinet.…

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