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Pest Control Services for Missouri Lakes

Do you have spiders on your dock? Call Steve’s Pest Control today!

When it’s time to soak up the sun, the last thing you want to worry about are creepy-crawlers all over your lake dock. Call Steve’s Pest Control today for our 5 Star Lake Service! Our team of expert pest control technicians will make sure your dock is free of any pests, including those nasty spiders, so you can enjoy your time on the water - worry free!

At Steve’s Pest Control, we believe the only thing with eight legs should be four friends on an intertube! Get rid of the spiders at your mid-Missouri lake house today.

Mid-Missouri’s Premier Pest Control Service At The Lake!


Steve’s Pest Control’s 5 Star Services are designed to ensure that you, your family, and your property are protected year ‘round from invading pests.

The goal of our 5 Star Service is to protect your property (and dock if present) and eliminate pest invasions by providing treatment primarily around the exterior of the building.

This treatment eliminates most general pest including ants, mice, roaches, spiders (except brown recluse), box elder bugs, centipedes, clover mites, crickets, millipedes, pill bugs, scorpions, springtails, wasps, and bees (within 10 feet of a building), etc.

Please note: in order to have a full year guarantee for brown recluse spiders, silverfish, cluster flies, and lady beetles, we will need to treat the building’s attic and crawl space areas. Additional fees may apply.

Explanation and Benefits of the 5 Star Program:

  • 5 General Pest services (1 Interior + 5 Exterior + Exterior Rodent Baiting)
  • Pests are Eliminated outside before they enter the building.
  • Safer & more effective than continuous interior treatment.
  • Easy/Hassle-Free Scheduling – You won’t even need to be home.
  • Continuous 100% Guarantee – if a covered pest problem develops at any time, we will promptly perform a re-treat at No Additional Charge!
  • 5–STAR SERVICE – no dock
  • 5–STAR SERVICE – with dock
  • 5–STAR SERVICE + monthly dock service spring through fall.
  • 5–STAR GOLD – monthly dock and exterior power spraying of building spring – fall.
  • ADVANTAGE TERMITE PROTECTION – preventative termite protection can be added to any of the above services featuring The Sentricon System and Recruit HD Always Active.
  • MOSQUITO REDUCTION SERVICE – our treatment program is approved by the World Health Organization, is designed to reduce the population by 80-90%, and has an unlimited retreatment warranty.

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Disclaimer: If you are in need of a pest inspection, additional service fees may apply. Please call today for more information!