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Wasp Control Services in mid-Missouri and Surrounding Areas

There are several species of wasps common to central Missouri, including; Paper Wasps, Red Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers, Cicada Killers and the Bald Faced Hornet. Understanding wasps’ nesting habits and how they infest your outdoor spaces can help you better identify them and know when wasp control needs to take place.

A wasp infestation can keep you from enjoying the outdoor spaces surrounding your home, as well as restrict your ability to conduct yard work. The sting of a wasp, while painful, cannot seriously harm unless you are allergic to the properties found in wasp venom. And, unlike honey bees, most species of wasps do not die after stinging once, allowing them to stick around longer.

Wasp Identification and Wasp Behavior

Though there is a variety of species, most wasps can be identified by two pairs of wings and a cinched waist. They can come in an assortment of colors, from black, red, yellow, light green to metallics. Wasps vary in size, measuring from barely a centimeter to several inches in length. Our Missouri Certified and experienced technicians will be able to identify the type of wasp invading your outdoor space and from there, provide the best plan of action.

In the spring and early summer months, wasps are enticed by protein-rich foods. This means improperly covered garbage or compost piles, as well as leftovers from picnics or even pet food left outside can attract wasps to your home.

In the late summer and autumn months, wasps or more heavily attracted to sweet foods. Spilled soda or juice on the ground outside or fallen fruit from bushes or trees can bring wasps to your outdoor spaces during this time. For unexplained reasons, wasp behavior has also been found to be more hostile during these later months.Most of all, they are looking for shelter. It is very common to see wasps build nests around your front or back porch, tree in the yard, underneath your deck or even in your chimney.

Wasp Removal by Steve’s Pest Control

It’s important to avoid swatting or squishing wasps, as these actions are seen as a threat and could result in you getting stung. Squishing them releases a chemical that attracts even more wasps to that area. It’s best to call a professional to remove wasps from your property. The experienced technicians at Steve’s Pest Control have years of experience with wasp removal. We’ll conduct an inspection of your home and create a personalized plan of action depending on your specific wasp problem. You can count on Steve’s Pest Control for expert wasp removal as well as excellent customer service.

If you’re struggling with wasps, call Steve’s Pest Control, mid-Missouri’s experts in wasp removal.

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