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Roach Control in mid-Missouri

german cockroachWhen dealing with cockroaches, it’s best to hire a professional – they can be very good at hiding and even better at hiding their eggs. They reproduce very quickly and in a short time. As the largest of the home infesting pests, they are easier to spot, yet leave no trace of their existence in your home. If a cockroach infestation is not addressed within a timely manner, it could get out of hand and cause significant damage. The inside of your home is a great place for them to thrive with unlimited food, water, warmth and places to hide. Roaches can be a pest all year long! They can be brought in by hiding in deliveries, grocery bags, used appliances and electronics and personal items like purses or backpacks. Some roaches can even carry and transfer disease as well as a variety of pathogenic organisms such as food poisoning, diarrhea and other illnesses.

Types of Roaches in mid-Missouri

There are 5 main types of cockroaches to look out for in Missouri. Each species are different and are treated according to their specific behavior. Types of roaches:

  • American Roaches
  • Brown Banded Roaches
  • German Roaches
  • Oriental Roaches
  • Pennsylvania Wood Roaches

German Cockroach Control

Banner detailing and showing a German Roach
German Cockroach Biology Basics
  • Have been on earth for over 300 million years.
  • Commonly found indoors in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, homes, apartments, etc.
  • Adults are 1/2-5/8 inches long, tan to light brown, and have 2 dark parallel lines from the back of the head to the wings.
  • Have developed wings but do not fly.
  • Have 3 development stages: egg, nymph, and adult.
  • Female carries purse shaped egg capsule containing up to 48 eggs and can produce 4 to 8 capsules in her lifetime – 1 every 6 weeks.
  • Can become an adult within 8 weeks and have a life span of 20-30 weeks.
  • 1 female can be responsible for over 10,000 offspring in one year.
  • Mostly active at night but send over 75% of their life in a crack or crevice harborage.
  • Prefers to live in an environment close to food, water, shelter, and warmth.
  • Over 75% of an infestation consists of pre-adults.
  • Can trans-locate from neighboring and adjoining buildings.
German Cockroaches Transmit Disease
  • German cockroaches transfer disease and a variety of pathogenic organisms such as: parasitic protozoans, food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, and other illnesses.
  • German cockroach excrement and cast skins dramatically contribute to allergies and asthma.
German Cockroaches Are Brought In By:
  • Food, beverage, and all other commercial deliveries
  • Paper packaging and cardboard boxes
  • Grocery bags
  • Used appliances and electronics
  • Personal items such as: clothing, backpacks, purses, radios, etc.


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Roach Pest Control Evaluation

Before we can perform cockroach control treatment or make recommendations, it is vital that we know exactly what type of roach that we’re dealing with. Before we make a recommendation for service we will make an evaluation to determine the species. For example, Pennsylvania Wood Roaches live predominantly outside. It is not necessary to treat a building’s interior or inside of cabinets for this type of roach. Once the correct species of roach is determined, we will make the proper recommendation for the type of cockroach control service required to eliminate the infestation.

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