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Pest Control Guarantee

All of our services are guaranteed to your complete satisfaction and we will do whatever is necessary to be sure that you are completely happy with us and our results! Here are just a few of our official Guarantees and Warranties:

1)  Commercial Service Unlimited ReTreatment Warranty: With any commercial service performed monthly or more frequently, there is an unlimited pest free guarantee. If a pest problem develops between services at any time, there is no additional charge for additional services. Our response time (on site) is usually 2-4 hours of notification but always within 24 hours. We do not require a service contract to perform commercial services.

2)  General Pest Unlimited Re-Treatment Warranty: With Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. and our 5-Star Service Programs there is an unlimited re-treatment warranty in place 24/7/365!  If a “covered pest” problem develops at any time, inside or out, we will perform additional service to eliminate the problem immediately – at no additional charge.

3)  One Time “As-Needed” Service: Depending on the type of service and pests that we are eliminating, there is a 30 day re-treatment warranty at the conclusion of final service.

4)  Bed Bug Heat Treatment Warranty: Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. offers a 30, 60, and a 90 day re-treatment warranty when using heat technology. This treatment is performed and completed in just 1 day! Refer to the complete service agreement for full details.

5)  Lifetime Termite Protection with The Sentricon System: With Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. and The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System your property will be continually protect 24/7/365!  We will find and eliminate current and future termite colonies including the queen before they find your structure for as long as our service is retained.  If for any reason additional services are needed including liquid barrier applications, they will be performed at no additional charge.  We are going to keep you termite free – guaranteed!

6)  $250,000.00 Termite Damage Warranty:  When we install The Sentricon System around your property, a $250,000.00 damage warranty for the repair and/or replacement for new damage will be issued.  Once we have completed 24 months of continuous service and protection, if live termites and damage are present (in the same area), we will have your property repaired at no charge for as long as we provide your service.  This warranty is transferable to new ownership.  Refer to our complete service agreement for full details.

7)  Termite Re-Treatment Warranty: With a “Chemical Zone” treatment using termiticide materials, Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. provides a 1 year re-treatment warranty that can be extended up to 4 additional years (for a total of 5 years) with an annual renewal and inspection. This warranty is transferable.

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