mid-Missouri Pest Information: Moles

Mole Identification

Active year around, moles can be very destructive to your lawn and garden. They are insectivores and will eat earthworms, grubs, and other ground insects. A female mole will have as many as 5 young every spring. They can grow up to 6-7 inches in length and have large, clawed feet to help them tunnel underground in search of food. A common misconception is that moles are blind—they are not, however, they have very poor eyesight. They have small eyes and ears that are difficult to see because of their thick fur.


This small burrowing mammal has thick, velvety gray to blackish fur, a short naked tail, pointed snout, rudimentary eyes, short legs with and broad feet with long, powerful claws on their front feet. They are nuisance pests and can be damaging to lawns. Their food of choice is earthworms and insect larvae, and they dig elaborate burrows with many attached chambers. They are very territorial and will fight off any other moles that may enter their area. Trapping is the most effective way to eliminate them from your yard.

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