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They May Look Cute, but Mice Are Still Pests

Have you heard them yet?  The scratching and squeaking?  No, not the kids, mice!  Now that cooler temperatures are upon us, let’s talk about rodents. The type of mice we native to this area is the common house mouse.  They are approximately 3-4 inches long, brown to light grey in color, large ears, small eyes and a pointed nose.   They start reproducing as young as two months old and can have 5-10 litters each year, with around 4 to 7 mice in each litter.  The common house mouse can live up to 1 year.  So when you see a mouse, there may be many, many more! An adult mouse can squeeze through an opening ranging from the size of a pencil to a dime.  So garage doors, ill-fitting entry doors, dryer vents, and where air conditioner or power lines come in to the house are common entry points.  There are steps that you the homeowner/business owner can take to prevent the intrusion of mice, such as sealing cracks and crevices.  Also making sure doors close tightly with good door sweeps will help keep them out of your home or business.  Also be aware that when you leave your garage door open for short periods, mice can wander in and start settling in for the winter. Keeping the exterior of your home or building free from excess debris and clutter will help, but we can also do an exterior baiting to eliminate the rodents before they get in.  The bait product is in a tamper-resistant container that is placed near entry points, anchored to the ground.  We also have rodent stations that actually look like a rock to blend in with your landscaping. If you’ve seen and heard the signs that your house may be the new home of mice, we’ve got you covered.  Typically to treat an active infestation, we will use a bait product placed in strategic locations throughout your home or building.  The bait product will be placed in a hard plastic, locking, child & pet-resistant container.  We will also inspect the attic and crawl spaces for signs of activity and bait if necessary, ensuring your entire home or building is squeak-free. Rodent control is covered under the 5-Star Service Program, which offers you a 12 month “Pest-Free Guarantee” for not only rodents, but for most other general pest issues that affect our area.  If we start you with our 5-Star Service program now, we can upgrade you to include termite protection at no additional charge until next spring.

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