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termite inspection Termites infest over 5 million homes in the U.S. every year and cause over 5 billion dollars in property damage annually! Termites cause more damage annually than all natural disasters such as: fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, etc. however, this damage is rarely covered under homeowners insurance. Here in Missouri, there are 2 types of homes: those that have termites and those that will! University of Missouri research has shown that virtually every home in our area can and probably will have a termite infestation during its lifetime.  Read about Steve’s Lifetime Termite Protection Guarantee.  There are three main reasons why termite inspections are performed: real estate transactions, real estate loan / re-financing, and simply for peace of mind. Unless you’re under a current termite treatment warranty or a preventative termite program, we highly recommend that an annual termite inspection be performed by a trained professional. A thorough termite inspection includes a careful examination of both the interior and exterior of the structure. Areas inspected include: crawl spaces, basements, behind insulation, above suspended ceilings, garages, main and second levels, attics, exterior foundation, siding, mulch and immediate landscaping, nearby wood piles, etc. Evidence of an infestation include: live termites, termite shelter tubes (mud trails), mud trail staining, termite damage, pin holes in sheet rock, dead termite swarmers, discarded swarmer wings, etc. termite inspection Inspection findings are based on a careful visual examination of the readily accessible areas of the structure not to be construed as a guarantee or warranty for a present or future infestation. Conditions that can inhibit visual access include (but not limited to): inaccessible crawl spaces and areas beneath porches & decks, behind wall floor & ceiling coverings, insulation, cabinets & shelving, stored items, furnishings, appliances, cluttered areas, areas with standing water, dense vegetation, exterior siding, window well covers, wood piles, snow, foam insulation panels, synthetic stucco, ductwork, plumbing, & wiring, and other areas with limited access. The professionals at Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. are experts in termite biology, inspection, & treatment, are affiliated members with The Board of Realtors in Jefferson City and Columbia, and have performed thousands of termite inspections in central Missouri. Click here to schedule a termite inspection or to schedule preventative termite protection today!

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