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bed bug treatment
People use to think of bed bugs as a cute, make-believe bedtime cliché – “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. The truth is they are quite real and far from cute! Bed bugs have been a known human parasite for thousands of years and have been in the United States since the 17th century. By the 1940’s, bed bugs were all but eliminated, but due to the banning of effective but harmful chemicals and increased international travel, bed bugs have made a big time come back.

Bed Bug Biology Basics

  • Adults are flat, reddish brown in color, and about ¼ inch in size, (about the size of an apple seed, or lady beetle).
  • Female bed bugs lay 5 – 7 eggs per week.
  • Up to 500 in a lifetime. A single female can be responsible for over 30,000 offspring per year!
  • Eggs hatch within 6 – 10 days and can become an adult in 35 -48 days.
  • They feed on the blood of humans and some small animals.
  • Mostly nocturnal and will normally feed for 3 – 10 minutes while you sleep.
  • Will feed on exposed skin and will often bite in a pattern of 3 bites that can leave itchy red welts.
  • Average lifespan is 10 – 12 months but can live between 12 – 18 months without feeding.
  • Bed bugs can carry but do not transmit diseases.
  • Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate.

bed bug heat treatment

bed bug inspection

Steve’s Pest Control is proud to offer complete bed bug elimination using heat treatment technology. We have two crews of experienced technicians that specialize in bed bug remediation. With our experience, we make it as easy as possible for the customer by thoroughly explaining our service and providing a detailed prep list on how to prepare for the heat treatment. Rather than using merely chemical treatments that require multiple treatments, large amounts of pesticide, and a lot of preparation performed by the client, Steve’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment penetrates the entire area, requires only one treatment, requires little to no pesticide and has far less preparation. Best of all the problem is eliminated in one day!

Heat Treatment is a newer technology that Steve’s Pest Control has been using since 2010. Heat is strategically placed throughout the treatment area until reaching a desired temperature between 125-140℉. We not only reach this temperature in the open air space but inside the walls, beneath carpet and other floor surfaces, bedding, furniture, clothing and all other contents. Powerful air movers and digital temperatures sensors are strategically placed throughout the treatment area(s) to distribute and monitor the air and its accurate temperature. Once all areas have reached 125℉ we sustain that minimum temperature for 4 hours. After our bed bug treatment has been completed, we will have successfully killed all eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs. In certain circumstances, we can perform Heat Treatment outside of our normal service areas.

bed bug heat treatment

Many of our technicians have completed specialized training on the RX Heat treatment system, and we’ve invested in four heat systems. We’re proud to offer this new technology to the mid-Missouri market. Our goal with the RX Heat program is total bed bug elimination. Click here to view a video about how the treatment technology works.

COMMERCIAL bed bug treatment & Inspection

For businesses such as hotels, motels, hospitals, apartments and dorms, we recommend scheduling regular bed bug inspections throughout the year. These kinds of business are especially susceptible to bed bug invasion because the business hosts a relatively transient population – people come and go often.

Bed bugs find new locations to invade by “hitchhiking” from one location to another on luggage, clothing and people. It’s important for businesses with transient populations to keep a regular schedule of bed bug inspections because new people are coming in constantly. Every new visitor is a potential bed bug carrier, and new invasions are possible at any time.

To learn more about bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your home or business, watch the Steve’s Pest Control team perform a hotel bed bug inspection. Interested in our bed bug treatment services? Contact us to schedule your free pest control evaluation today.

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