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October Pest Alert: Wolf Spiders

Welcome to the beginning of the Fall season! What’s in the forecast for Fall? All the insects and spiders that have been out in yards and fields are headed back to your home to spend the winter with you. Great news isn’t it? For the month of October, I could talk to you about a lot of insects that want to move in with you. But I’d like to talk about one of our eight-legged friends, the Wolf Spider! Wolf Spiders are probably one of the largest spiders that will try to enter your home this Fall. These guys have been outside, living a good life all summer long. Now that the seasons are starting to change from summer to fall, here they come!!! Most likely, Wolf Spiders are going to be one of the first pests that will bother you in the early fall months. Wolf Spiders can vary in size and color. Smaller ones range from the size of a nickel, and I’ve seen the larger ones grow as big as a baseball, sometimes even as big as an orange! Their colors will normally range from dark brown to black, but they can also have different shades of grey mixed in for camouflage. All Wolf Spiders can be very hairy. The larger they are, the hairier they are going to look. This year I’ve seen several wolf spiders with a kind of light burnt orange color mix, kind of neat-looking if you’re a bug guy! If you have any questions on the Wolf Spider, or any of the other many fall invaders, please feel free to call us!!!!! We can help stop the fall invasion!!!! Thanks!!!

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