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Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

With Bed Bugs constantly in the news these days the old saying “Good night, Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” there is a whole new meaning on a very true old saying. Back in the early days of the 18th century, at the very beginning of our country Bed Bugs were so common that they were part of life. There is even early text talking about the different stories of Bed Bugs infesting the English ships and colonies, so much so that many ships would not allow there passengers to bring aboard any type of bedding.  While the pests prefer to have human meals, if need be they have been known to find their meals on animals and pets and could easily hide and munch on down settlers so often used in the making of their pillows and blankets.  With no way to control them, beds would be pulled away from the bedroom walls and the posts would be placed in jars of kerosene to stop the Bed Bugs from creeping up and in.  Good thing there are better ways of controlling this now! But how does a Bed Bug get a meal you ask yourself?  A Bed Bug almost works the same way as a mosquitoes, the bug will crawl onto your skin at night and proceed to stick its tiny needle like beak into your skin in order to suck blood for its meal.  In infested sites, rust colored stains can be found on the mattress and feeding areas.  This is from small blood droplets that come from the Bed Bug’s anus while feeding. And how did can you bring Bed Bugs into your home in the first place?  Hitchhiking is the best from of transportation for these pests as they love to sneak into luggage while searching for a new host.  Traveling is not the only way to bring bed bugs into your home; they can also be brought in by second hand items such as clothes, carpet, and furniture. Many people associate bed bugs with poor sanitation and dirty locations, but the truth is, bed bugs are not picky about where they stay, they are just out for their next meal. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from bed bugs is to be proactive.  Do not scavenge old used mattresses or furniture, if you own a hotel or rental property have an action plan in the case you obtain an infestation, secondhand fabrics such as clothes and blankets should be sealed up into plastic bags until they can be washed or dry cleaned, and after staying at a hotel, try to make sure you throw your clothes on high heat, as hot as the garment can take, in the dryer to stop the bed bugs from infesting your home. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns and stay tuned for our Tip of the Month on how to check your beds or hotel rooms for bed bugs before you even stay the night!!

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