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Fleas AGAIN? Treat the Whole Problem for Real Results.

We love our pets. There’s nothing better than curling up with your furry best friend at the end of a long day… until you notice the fleas. Those hard-to-catch, hopping, squirming and gross little critters seem to burst out of nowhere and take over your home! It’s not your imagination – they’re not exactly out of nowhere, but fleas can take over your home so quick it’s scary. Female fleas can lay up to 30 eggs each day, meaning that just 10 female fleas can produce 90,000 eggs in a month’s time! Without immediate measures to take control and stop the breeding cycle, the population can explode and you’ll be living with fleas for a very long time. Controlling a flea problem starts with where the fleas want to be. If you have a pet, it’s critical to medicate them with a veterinarian-recommended flea protection product to cut off the source of the infestation. If you don’t have a pet, look outside for signs of wildlife that may be bringing the problem to your door: rabbits and raccoons are known to carry fleas right up next to a home. Then people can pick up fleas in their yard or garden and bring them into the house without knowing. Keeping grass mowed and weeds in check is a good way to cut down on this kind of exposure to fleas. But unless you choose to bring in a professional pest service, you shouldn’t expect to see results for a while. This is because the adult fleas you see represent only about 1% of the population that’s actually in your home. The other 99% is in another stage of development (egg, larva or pupa). As each stage of development matures into the next, a new wave of fleas will emerge to invade your home and attack your pet. Homeowners often think they’re treating a repeat problem, when actually they’ve never fully treated the situation to begin with. A professional pest control service can treat the whole problem and work with you to address each of the stages in the flea’s lifecycle in order to finally stop the problem for good.

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