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Call Us for Help with Fall Invaders, Plus Prevention Promo

Each time the seasons change, we can pretty much predict the kind of calls we’re going to get from concerned homeowners. And as we get ready to flip the calendar into cooler months, prep is under way for those particular pests who like to make themselves known this time of year. The majority of our seasonal prep involves scheduled, proactive prevention service for our 5-STAR Advantage and Five Star service clients. These folks have elected to do an annual sign-up for our yearlong preventative pest, or pest and termite, treatment programs. You may see our trucks making the rounds in your neighborhood and wonder what kind of pest is invading your area, but there’s no need to worry. These scheduled service visits follow a carefully planned prescription for keeping bugs and other pests away. We can’t stress enough that these scheduled prevention programs are – hands down – the best way to keep your home pest-free all year round. In fact, starting September 2011, we’ll be offering our first promotion in order to get the word out about all of the advantages of an active prevention plan. Just about anyone in our service area can take advantage of the promo by signing up to save $300* with the Fall invaders upgrade through the end of 2011. And of course, we respond to calls all the time to take care of individual pests when they become too pesky. Spiders, crickets, mice, wasps, box elder bugs, cluster flies and Asian beetles are all likely to try and squirm their way into your home or business this season. These pests will seek any shelter from colder weather and harsher conditions, and structures occupied by humans just happen to be a comfortable and convenient place to hide out. To make your home less likely to attract pests, we recommend taking time to do a visual property inspection. Walk around the exterior of any structures and make note of cracks or crevices to patch. Watch out for new openings that have appeared in door and window screenings from heavy use over the summer, and also inspect screens and coverings for openings to attics, basements and crawl spaces. Pests will take advantage of openings as small as a dime to work their way into your nice, warm home. Cozy up this Fall as the leaves begin to drop, and know that we’ve got you covered. Whether you choose a year-round protection program or simply call us when you notice a problem, we’ll keep an eye out for Fall seasonal invaders.

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