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Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders in Your Home

Just mention the name “brown recluse,” and watch your friends and coworkers make a face. We see that face a lot this time of year, as spring gives way to summer and a new crop of creepy-crawlies becomes active. Ants and termites are also pesky right about now, but this post will focus on Missouri’s two species of poisonous spider: the brown recluse and the black widow. Both spiders tend to shun humans and make their homes in spots we don’t like to frequent or don’t disturb very often (crawl spaces, attics, the back of a closet, etc.). They usually only come into contact through circumstance, such as pulling that camping equipment out of storage. And even then, the spiders cannot bite unless they are caught or cornered against you. It’s important to keep in mind that while a bite from either of these spiders is certainly a cause for concern, people who are bitten usually come out of it relatively unharmed. That said, reaching out to a medical professional as soon as you realize you’ve been bitten is recommended just to be safe. Brown recluse are more likely than black widows to come into contact with humans. This is because the recluse likes to inhabit cluttered interior areas that are rarely disturbed, and (unlike the black widow that prefers more open-air locations and rarely leaves it’s web) the recluse leaves the web to actively seek it’s prey at night. Most homes in Missouri are also home to these poisonous spiders. In fact, studies have shown that brown recluse spiders inhabit nearly 70% of homes that were sampled. You can monitor the spider population in your home by purchasing inexpensive sticky traps and placing them around baseboards, under furniture and in other out-of the-way areas the spiders are likely to visit. Give us a call or contact us if what you find on the traps gives you “the face” – we know what it takes to get rid of these potentially dangerous invaders and keep them out for good.

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