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Call Us for Help with Fall Invaders, Plus Prevention Promo

Each time the seasons change, we can pretty much predict the kind of calls we’re going to get from concerned homeowners. And as we get ready to flip the calendar into cooler months, prep is under way for those particular pests who like to make themselves known this time of year. The majority of our … Continued

Bed Bugs Can’t Beat the Heat

It’s clear that bed bugs are still a big problem. For the last two years, we’ve received several calls a week about this home invader, and the calls just keep on coming. This blog post will revisit some points from our post in January to help explain how bed bugs spread, why they take over … Continued

Fleas AGAIN? Treat the Whole Problem for Real Results.

We love our pets. There’s nothing better than curling up with your furry best friend at the end of a long day… until you notice the fleas. Those hard-to-catch, hopping, squirming and gross little critters seem to burst out of nowhere and take over your home! It’s not your imagination – they’re not exactly out … Continued

Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders in Your Home

Just mention the name “brown recluse,” and watch your friends and coworkers make a face. We see that face a lot this time of year, as spring gives way to summer and a new crop of creepy-crawlies becomes active. Ants and termites are also pesky right about now, but this post will focus on Missouri’s … Continued

Steve discusses Bed Bug options at the Boone County Health Department Annual Conference

Steve Hotsenpiller, Owner and President of Steve’s Pest Control, Inc., recently spoke at the Boone County Health Department’s Annual Conference.  Steve participated in a panel discussion focusing on the biology, inspection, and treatment options for Bed Bugs.  Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. is one of the few companies in central Missouri to offer a heat as a Bed Bug … Continued

Spotting Termites, Plus Prevention Tips and Treatment

When it comes to termites, Missouri is known to be a heavily infested area of the country. Because termites work their way into your home from the ground up, it’s almost impossible to tell that termites are present until their attack is well underway. Sadly, termites cause more than five billion dollars in property damage … Continued

Watch out for Termite Swarmers this Spring

“Out of site, out of mind” can be dangerous and costly when it comes to a termite invasion in your home. While customers usually call us because they are bothered by pest activity – mouse droppings, spider bites, etc. – we sometimes find that severe damage has been done to a home by the time … Continued

Twelve Pest-Free Months – Guaranteed!

There aren’t many guarantees left out there anymore, so we’re pretty proud of the fact that we offer two great assurances to protect our customers’ properties. Both pledges – a full 12-month guarantee that your home (and your mind!) will be free from worries about certain pests, and a $250,000 termite damage warranty – are … Continued

Calmly, Quietly walk to the Phone…then what?

If winter invaders such as mice and spiders have you pulling your hair out, you may be ready to “calmly, quietly, walk to the phone” and give us a call. But you may be wondering what happens after the call. While each visit is unique, here’s an overview of what typically happens when we visit… … Continued

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