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Ant Pest Control in mid-Missouri

Ants are the number one nuisance pest in the United States. There are several species, and the method of ant control and extermination will depend on what kind of ant problem you have. The experts at Steve’s Pest Control can determine which species of ants you’re dealing with and how to get rid of them for good.

Photo of multiple types of Carpenter Ants

What Causes an Ant Problem?

Food is the primary attractor of ants. Whether it’s crumbs on the floor, unwashed dishes in the sink, or trash that doesn’t go out as often as it should, ants will come for it. A couple of ants can quickly populate and turn into colonies. If you are noticing an ant problem, it is important to immediately ensure all food is tightly sealed and to call Steve’s Pest Control to take care of your ant problem.

Health Risks Surrounding an Ant Infestation

Ants main goal when invading your home is to find food and water sources. The biggest issue related to an ant infestation comes with their potential to contaminate food. Bacteria will attach to the bodies of ants and spread as the ants crawl through cupboards and other surfaces within your home. Diseases such as salmonella and staph have been known to follow ant colonies. When an ant carrying such a disease comes into contact with the food you eat, it puts you at risk for becoming sick. For these reasons, it is very important to get control of your ant problem as soon as you realize you have one.

Ant Extermination Process

Getting rid of ants can be tricky, as they quickly populate and are difficult to spot at first. Ants are social insects that reside in colonies in the hundreds of thousands. In order to properly eradicate the problem, the whole colony has to be extinguished – not just the ones you can see. So a repellent spray may make things better for today, but it will not be a permanent solution.

Thankfully, Steve’s Pest Control has the right experience when it comes to complete ant extermination. There are two main types of ant control problems: ants that have built nests outside and are coming into your home or the ants that have already built nests inside of your home. An experienced technician will come to your home, determine the issue, and come up with a plan of action to remove the colonies in a timely manner. All of our ant eradication plans are humane, efficient and done in a timely manner.

Common Types of Ants in mid-Missouri

Mid-Missouri is home to several types of ants. Each species of ant requires a different protocol for treatment due to their varying abilities to cause damage. Here is a list of the most common types of ants in mid-Missouri:

  • Carpenter Ant
  • Field Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Acrobat Ant
  • Pavement Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant

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