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Why should I inspect for termites?

Here in Missouri there are two types of homes: those that have termites and those that will! University of Missouri research has shown that by the age of 40, 70% of structures in Central Missouri have termites or have already had a termite infestation. This research has also concluded that virtually 100% of structures in Central Missouri will have termites in its lifetime.

Termites are around-the-clock eating machines! Termites naturally break down plant and wood material. In Missouri there can be as many as 20 termite colonies in one acre of ground and up to 1 million members per colony.

When you eventually notice termite activity, serious damage may have already occurred. In fact, the average repair cost once termites have been discovered is between $3,000 and $11,000. The most common termite species in Central Missouri can consume the equivalent of approximately 5-15 feet of a 2×4 per year! Termites infest over 5 million homes in the United States every year and cause over $5 billion in property damage annually. Termites cause more damage annually than all natural disasters such as: fires, floods, earth quakes, hurricanes, and storms – damage that is rarely covered by insurance.

The professionals at Steve’s Pest Control are experts in termite biology, inspections, treatment and prevention. We have performed thousands of termite inspections in Central Missouri since 1988 and we are an affiliated member of The Board of Realtors in Jefferson City and Columbia.

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